Who is julie benz dating

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She's very in tune to our needs and does whatever she can to please us. Q: When you divorced from your then-husband actor John Kassir, you were widely quoted as saying your dog Bamboo helped you through the divorce. A: Divorce sucks, but it's amazing how healing a little heartbeat laying next to you can be! I was living in a small apartment with rented furniture and I had lost everything that was familiar, but knowing that at the end of my day Bamboo was there waiting for me made everything OK.

Sometimes all you need is a heartbeat, someone excited to see you every day and Bamboo was my heartbeat.

Where and when the wedding is to take place hasn't been announced yet, however.

Benz will play Holly Mc Cabe, an unapologetic Hollywood madam who looks like a woman half her age and takes pride in how well she treats her girls.

In addition to having a tacit understanding with Frank, they are also a couple.

Perhaps, now, her long experience as an actress has made her one of the versatile actress of the industry.

In more than 20 years of her acting career till now, she has had acted as numerous character from vampire slayer to a stripper.

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