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"An aircraft necessitates reliance on Transport Canada's rules around safety which are really quite rigorous," he said."For those who are mentally ill and psychotic, for example, and where there's a risk of violence, they need to be sedated sometimes very deeply." Morton said there were 13 such instances in the past year, and he said at least one of the instances of sedation was so extreme the patient ended up needing life support.So patients with a severe mental illness, he explained, must be transferred immediately to a designated facility.The problem is the closest hospital is in on the mainland in Terrace, B. This means patients have to be transferred by air ambulance.While the itch can be intense, the skin is usually not scabbed or broken. Hives are very common with 10-20 percent of the population having at least one episode in their lifetime.Hives can sometimes occur in deeper tissues of the eyes, mouth, hands or genitals.

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This results in pain or weakness in the surrounding muscles.These are symmetrical on each side of the body, each pair being related to a specific organ.In addition, there are two single meridians following the midline of the body, one at the front and the other along the spine. These points are essentially transformer stations through which bio-energy flows into the muscle structure to allow organized activity to take place."The irony is that they come in physically well — although mentally unwell — and the process of accessing care makes them quite medically unwell," he said.He said he doesn't take the decision to sedate and transfer a mental health patient lightly and there are stringent guidelines.

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